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FAQ's - Desktop/PC Version

Q:  I have forgotten my password, how do I login?


Q:  How do I change my Password?


Q:  How do I view my Jobs?


Q:  Why can I not accept Jobs?

 There could be a couple of reasons as to why you cannot accept jobs. This could be because of your Compliance is Out of Date. This also could be the fact you are already working at that time on the same day. If this did not help, please submit a ticket and we will help.

Q:  How do I view my Personal Details?


Q:  I have not received my Password Reset Email?

 Sometimes the emails may not be received for around 15 minutes so try and wait for a little while. You can always check your Spam/Junk email folder, as they can sometimes appear in there. If this did not help, please submit a ticket, and we will help.